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Doctorate Degree Programs - Complete List

Doctorate Degree Programs With a Focus on Quantitative Finance / Derivatives

Profiles: The profiles are all of our own work and are compiled with information provided to us by the institution or relevant sources in question. The "Global Derivatives View" is merely a brief commentary as to our thoughts on each individual program - These commentaries should be in no way taken as any sort of rankings of any kind, nor should they be considered the general viewpoint. You may choose to accept these commentaries with the understanding that they have been compiled by Global Derivatives research having taken into account all the information available as well as a collection of all surveys taken thus far. However, certain programs with little or no feedback / information have blanks on their summaries. If you represent the institution, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to update us with more current information


Doctorate Degree Programs With a Focus on Quantitative Finance / Derivatives

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Please advise us of any suitable additions to the list or corrections. This page is still being updated with profiles every day.


*Note: There are some PhD Finance programs which have been omitted due to their non-quantitative nature.


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School Name Program Specialisation / Courses Location
Cambridge University - Judge School PhD Finance, Financial Mathematics Cambridge, UK
City University - Cass School PhD Financial Econometrics London, UK
Imperial College - Centre for Quantitative Finance PhD / MPhil Finance London, UK
King's College London PhD Financial Mathematics London, UK
Queen's University Belfast PhD Finance Belfast, Ireland
University of Essex PhD in Computational Finance Essex, UK
University of Reading PhD Quantitative Finance, Stochastic Volatility, High Frequency Econometrics, Risk Management, Fixed Income Reading, UK



Berkeley - Haas Schol PhD Finance Berkeley, CA
Boston College - Carroll School PhD Finance Econometrics Chestnut Hill, MA
Boston University PhD Mathematical Finance Boston, MA
Carnegie Mellon PhD Mathematical Finance Stochastics, Financial Economics Pittsburgh, PA
Claremont Graduate University - Drucker School PhD Financial Engineering Claremont, CA
Cornell University PhD Operations Research Ithaca, NY
Florida State University PhD Financial Mathematics Tallahassee, FL
Illinois Institute of Technology - Stuart School PhD Management Science Derivatives, Corporate Finance, Investments Chicago, IL
Purdue University PhD Mathematics with Focus on Computational Finance West Lafayette, IN
Rutgers University PhD Finance Newark, NJ
Stanford University PhD Finance Dynamic Asset Pricing Stanford, CA
Stanford University PhD Statistics Financial Mathematics Stanford, CA
University of Arizona - Eller PhD Management with Concentration in Finance Tucson, AZ
University of Alabama - Culverhouse PhD Finance Tuscaloosa, AL
University of Houston - Bauer School PhD Finance Fixed Income, Derivatives, Quants Houston, TX
University of Nebraska Lincoln PhD Business Administration Econometrics Lincoln, NB
University of Chicago PhD Finance Chicago, IL
University of Florida PhD Quantitative Finance
University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School PhD Finance
Vanderbilt University - Owen School PhD Finance Derivatives, Statistics, Differential Mathematics



Queen's University PhD Management Finance, Operational Research Kingston, ON
McGill University PhD Finance Derivatives, Fixed Income Pricing Montreal, QC
University of British Columbia - Sauder School PhD Finance Vancouver, BC
University of Toronto - Rotman School PhD Finance Toronto, ON



Hong Kong University PhD Finance Risk Management, Derivatives Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Nanyang Technology University PhD Finance Financial Mathematics, Econometrics Singapore
University of Melbourne PhD Program Derivatives Melbourne, Australia
University of Otago PhD Finance Risk Management, Derivatives Dunedin, New Zealand
University of Technology Sydney PhD Finance & Economics Quantitative Finance Research Group Sydney, Australia


Rest of Europe

Duisenberg School of Finance PhD Finance Econometrics Amsterdam, Netherlands
EDHEC Business School PhD Finance Quantitative Finance Nice, France
Erasmus University Rotterdam PhD Management with Finance focus Derivatives Rotterdam, Netherlands
FAME PhD Finance Mathematics, Econometrics Geneva, Switzerland
Middle East Technical University PhD Financial Mathematics Insurance, Derivatives Ankara, Turkey
Solvay Business School PhD Management with Finance focus Brussels, Belgium
Tilberg University PhD Finance Derivatives Tilberg, Netherlands
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid PhD Business Administration and Quantitative Methods Madrid, Spain
Universitat de Valencia PhD Quantitative Finance Derivatives, Econometrics Valencia, Spain
University of St. Gallen PhD Economics & Finance Econometrics St. Gallen , Switzerland
University of Zürich PhD Finance Risk Management Zurich, Switzerland
Vienna Graduate School of Finance PhD Finance Quantitative Methods in Finance Vienna, Austria


Rest of the World


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